Friday, 6 February 2015

David Lynch Naming at MIMA

First up I'd like to imagine everyone in the world knows who David Lynch is sadly this is not always the case for those who do not he is the director and writer of some of the most surreal films I've ever seen. He's most famously known for the movie Eraserhead which is pretty damn trippy and the tv series Twin Peaks which is quite possibly one of the greatest and most confusing shows to come out of the 90s. Anyway getting back to Lynch before I fan girl over Twin Peaks or something, I had no idea he was an artist, so when I saw there was an Exhibition at MIMA which for those not local to the 'Boro is the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art I knew I had to go. 

Sadly I couldn't take an photos within the exhibition but it was exactly what I expected from Lynch; dark, creepy and just plain weird. MIMA is the first place in the UK to house this exhibition and it's definitely worth going to. Along with a ton of weird as fuck paintings there's some pretty cool photography and one of Lynch's short film's - The Alphabet which is real fuckin' creepy because it just keeps playing over and over it just echos around the large room making the entire exhibition all that more eerie. One of my favourite pieces was called Fire Dog Man House which was at first just a mass of black but when you looked closer you could see a fire and a man standing over it, the house going up in flames and the word Fire. 

It was such an interesting exhibit since you're just stood looking at these paintings like; 'wow a black square how amazing', 'what the fuck is this?!' 'I don't understand modern art' yet after staring at each piece for quite a while you start to see things within the black, actual paintings and that's what makes it so creepy and surreal the fact you're sure you're staring at a black square yet 2 minutes later it's an actual painting. 

The exhibition is on at the MIMA until March 26th, there's also a special Lynch themed Thursday night every week until then, where people will be expressing their thoughts and feelings on the exhibition and much more! Definitely a must see for Lynch fans especially since MIMA is the first venue in the UK to house the exhibition!

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