Wednesday, 25 February 2015

GIG REVIEW - Kerrang Tour 2015

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Beauty and the Beast - brought to you by WiBL

We're a week too late? Sue us. So last Sunday we spent our Valentines weekend in the most romantic way possible, moshing to Beartooth and Bury Tomorrow at the Kerrang Tour while I anxiously awaited Beca's permission to jump into the pits. Alongside them were We Are the In Crowd, headlined by Don Broco (with a sneaky set thrown in by Young Guns).

First up to the stage were Beartooth, a band Beca has gotten me into recently who were arguably the reason we were there in the first place ("They follow me on Twitter you know?") They came in and made the most of their limited time playing their biggest songs from their most recent album; Disgusting. Personal highlights include Body Bag and In Between and before we knew it they were gone, giving way to Bury Tomorrow. 7/10


I'll start the next piece with a confession - I knew nothing about Bury Tomorrow, knew nothing about We Are the In Crowd and my knowledge on Young Guns and Don Broco was sketchy at beast (See - Fuck all) so any opinion given is......ill-informed at best. 

That said however, Bury Tomorrow came on and gave an energy that was reciprocated by the fans beating the atmosphere created by Beartooth (falling into the "first band" trap of fan apathy) with their lead singer refusing to yield until the crowd raised their hands in unison. 
Sorry, that was almost professionally written there, so let's get back to how it should be said.

Bury fucked shit up, the frontman was awesome. Telling the crowd he'd be standing at the back high-fiving every fan who wanted to meet him before launching himself into them as they close their set, and although I didn't know much about them before - I definitely left a fan. 8/10

Beca did too
Onto confession #2, Young Guns came on and gave a 15 minute set before buggering off - it was a 'blink and you'll miss it' type of performance and I didn't get any photos unfortunately, we were too busy fighting for a photo with Dani of Bury Tomorrow! Although not watching most of the set I enjoyed it, you could even say I felt it in my bones(bones). 6/10


The next band were a U.S female-fronted pop punk band, giving a positive message while giving a high-energy set for their primary fanbase of young girls. Playing well known hits such as "Misery Business" and "Still Into Y-" Wait, no. That's Paramore. Sorry guys!
We Are the In Crowd tried, and while I know their fans would've enjoyed it, you could be the most delicious, ripe peach in the world, but somewhere there'll be someone who doesn't like peaches. 3/10

Don Broco bravely tried a new tactic during their set - sensory deprivation. By having stage lights so bright they burn the retinas out from your eye balls you are able to listen more acutely to the music they play. It's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it paid off.

Answer - kinda. While they were definitely enjoyable it's just hard to shake the feeling that their lead singer is a dickhead. He probably isn't, he just has that vibe. But if I'm to judge them musically, I'd definitely recommend their bigger songs and then working your way backwards through their back catalogue. Special mention to their bassist for seeming the happiest man in all of the academy that night. 6/10

Overall on averages it would seem that the Kerrang Tour wasn't that great, but I put that down to musical differences - I'm more of a metal fan and you can see by my picks being earlier in the setlist. All of the bands gave good performances, ones which will leave all their respective fans happy! If there's any fans of the band reading feel free to comment! Although be gentle if I wasn't overly great towards your favoured band!

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