Sunday, 15 February 2015

Nerdpit - Weekly News #2

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I thought that this week we didn't have any bad news but unfortunately there was a sad announcement in the music world. Jason 'Jay' James of Bullet for my Valentine has left the band. You can see the bands official announcement on their Facebook page here although I can only hope and pray that during his final discussion with the band Matt used the phrase "SCREAM! AIM! FIREEEEDDDDDD!" - the official statement is below...

"To all our fans around the World,
It is with regret that Bullet For My Valentine has to announce that Jay James is no longer a member of the band. Jay has been a part of this band for well over 12 years and part of our lives forever, and we're gonna miss him as much as we know you guys are too. We wanna wish him all the best and success with whatever he chooses to do next and will always be grateful for his contribution and sacrifices he made for this band."

Though a bit of great music to share with you here, We recently discovered this amazing video of Enter Shikari's unexpected cover of the Game of Thrones theme. It's amazing, well worth a listen... or 5.

On the subject of having things in strange places (just like that time a certain someone discovered 101 unexpected uses for a banana) President Barack Obama made an appearance on the viral media site Buzzfeed. Primarily to promote his affordable health care act but giving us a good insight into what Presidents do when no-one's watching. The video link can be found here but we'll embed it anyway for all you lazy fuckers out there, got your backs guys!

And finally the main event of this weeks blog that if you haven't already heard about, Spiderman is joining The Avengers!...............Sort of.

Marvel acquired permission from Sony to use Spiderman in the Phase 3 Marvel Movies, widely expected to make his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War. There will a new actor playing Spiderman, which makes me sad because I loved Garfield as Spiderman (Andrew, not the Lasagne Cat) although this is a chance for Donald Glover/Childish Gambino to resurrect his campaign to be cast as the wise-cracking webslinger.

While Sony will hold creative control over Spiderman there will be a few restrictions in place over his direction in the movies, however this is definitely something to get hyped about! 

On a bit of a side note here, if any of you haven't already seen Drunk History on Comedy Central (mondays at 9) then you're really missing out. Did you ever hate History as a kid? Now imagine your teachers are wankered and you've got an idea of how it is! There's nothing funnier than seeing beloved comedians (And Russell Kane) getting royally twatted trying to portray something even close to historic fact!  

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