Sunday, 22 February 2015

Nerdpit - Weekly News #3

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Ladies and Gentlemen, buckle up because Written in Black Lipstick is attracting readers like the 50 Shades of Grey movie attracts easy-wipe seat covers, it's the Weekly News Update!

Download announced their stages splits for the June festival! As someone who's going there on the 12th-14th of June I'm pretty fucking excited for it, my personal picks being Rise Against, A Day To Remember, Muse, All That Remains and of course, Slip. Fucking. Knot. Luckily the splits have made it easy to decide about where I spend my drunk ass over the weekend. Such as Black Veil Brides being on the same time slot as Faith No More, so on one hand we have one of the most impressive vocalists in Mike Patton fronting one of the greatest Alt-Metal bands of all-time, versus.....a Motley Crue rip off.


Frontman - Nikki Sixx (source)

Frontman - Andy Sixx (source)

But enough about that, I'm just showing my age! Onto nerdy shit! With Marvel dropping hints that we could see a Daredevil/Agents of Shield with this photo.

I'm gonna level with you guys, Daredevil isn't my strong point but I'm excited for the series, with this photo showing Murdock vs Creel. Jack Murdock being Matt's father, fighting against Carl Creel (The Absorbing Man) So we could potentially see a crossover in the same vein as Arrow/The Flash, which gets my nerdy ass jiggling. 

And finally, I'm a huge Rooster Teeth fan, so when the teaser trailer for 'Lazer Team' went up last night I watched it a good, 4/5 times. It sees RT employees Burnie Burns, Gavin Free, and Michael Jones make their acting debuts alongside known talent Alan Ritchson (Hunger Games, TMNT and the upcoming Wedding Ringer)
The video for the trailer can be viewed below, and if my quick paragraph doesn't draw you in, maybes a shirtless Alan will:


Thanks for reading guys, see you next week! 

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