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GET HYPED - Game of Thrones Series 5

I thank you dear readers of Get Hyped - there are literally tens of you out there reading my shit. With that, let's try and get that to dozens with Game of Thrones Get Hyped! And in case you didn't guess, there's gonna be spoilers! So if read them........Oops.

Starting with this one.
Jaime Lannister stands over Tywins corpse, probably thinking that the last thought his Father had about those two was that they were getting it on, sibling style...Although remember kids, you can't spell Tywin Lannister without "In ya twin 'ster"


 We're given a lot of Lannister shots in the early scenes, with a few of Jaime and Cersei, although hopefully they don't repeat what went on the last time they were besides their relatives dead body.


Jaime Lannister in Dornish attire, most likely to see the Martell family after what occurred when their families representatives met the last time, for those of you who don't remember, below is a picture of Oberyn Martell.

Don't fuck with Dorne. They do things with Scorpions that are fucked up. Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken.

Peter Dinklage Tyrion Lannister is up next, bundling out of a crate in Essos, where a lot of this Series' action appears to be taking place! Knowing Tyrion is a marked man after putting almost as many inches of wood into his Father as he did to Shae he flees Westeros.

I have a list of books I need to read soon. Arya Stark has a list of those who have crossed her, and who she'll kill, kids these days are so reactive...
Here she stands in front of the Hall of the Faceless Men, bitches gon' get fucked up!

Cersei, Walder Frey, Meryn Trant, Ilyn Payne, The Mountain, Tywin Lannister, The Red Woman, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr. Valar Morghulis, all men must die.

There's been little Targaryen action by this point, but business picks up, with Daenerys stating that she is not there to stop the wheel (later revealed to be that of the main Westeros houses battle for supremacy) But to break it. She also has a habit of listing every name she's been given through her life "Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi, Breaker of Chains" etc. If I did that it would be "Craig Whiteman, Reknowned Sociopath, Slight Asshole, Once shat his pants at school disco. Anyway, enough of my repressed childhood, here's Drogon the Dragon. (They were really inventive with the names...)

There are definitely a few fleeting moments connected to the Targaryen storyline, not least the split second of Unsullied getting killed in the street, but I'll let you find that for yourself! Instead have what appears to be the same killers surrounding Daenerys and her generals, of which the previously banished Mormont seems to be part of, despite his banishment in the last series, although this could be Barristan Selmy.

Special mention goes to the choice of music - it bucks the trend of the epic scores used for previous series, probably due to the juggernaut GoT has become it can pretty much do what the fuck it wants right now. Using Bowies 'Heroes' and Tears for Fears 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World' being two incredibly accurate songs in context, giving a surprising slow tone to what will definitely be another awesome Series! (See that Walking Dead, THIS is how you make a consistent show!)

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