Friday, 6 March 2015

Two years of Fall Out Boy!

I don't think I'll ever forget the excitement I felt when the rumors about Fall Out Boy getting back together and producing an album began, it felt like my inner 13 year old emo had been waiting forever for the news, in fact it was only 4 years but my god they were a long 4 years! It's now be 2 absolutely glorious years since they got back together and although personally I was skeptical at the start they're really proving that Fall Out Boy went no where and they're back for sure. Also just before I start talking about how amazing these guys have been the past 2 years this post is going to be extremely fan girly because Fall Out Boy are like my babies and they've been one of my favourite bands since I was 13.

2 years ago the guys posted on their Tumblr that 'The future of Fall Out Boy starts now.'  I feel like since they got back together they've achieved so much for a band that when I was in school no one had heard of (unless you were in the 'emo' groups), you'd never have heard them on the radio and the last tour they did in the UK they only played 4 arenas! Since coming back they've played both Leeds/Reading and Download Festival, countless UK arena dates, I've heard them a ton on the radio and in clubs, and I swear there are people everywhere who listen to them, people you wouldn't even expect to know who they are. They've done a world wide tour for the Album Save Rock & Roll and have just released their 6th album American Beauty/American Psycho a few weeks ago and go on tour for that later in the year! I feel like there's just no stopping them, they've been ridiculously busy!

Admittedly when I first heard Save Rock and Roll especially My Songs I hated it, I got the album but barely played it, I just thought WHAT IS THIS WHERE IS FALL OUT BOY WHERE IS FROM UNDER THE CORK TREE WHERE IS THE POP PUNK. Of course I gave it another chance and realised that some of the songs were decent enough, after seeing them at Leeds festival I realised Save Rock and Roll was quite possibly one of the best albums I'd heard in a long time, no doubt about it. What made me love this album more was the music videos, you've got to agree Fall Out Boy have some amazing videos and what made Save Rock and Roll special was that they made a 50 minute long collection of music videos which tell the story of how Fall Out Boy save Rock and Roll (well that's what I think) it definitely made me love them a little bit more, if you haven't seen it, you've got to just for Elton John's appearance!

Just as everyone was getting used to Fall Out Boy being back they released another new album American Beauty/American Psycho this year which just about made every fan girls life. I remember the first time I heard the title track it was on the radio, like on the actual radio I couldn't believe it! I fell for this album a lot quicker than I did Save Rock and Roll which is odd since this album is so pop some tracks you question if you're even listening to Fall Out Boy but then you hear lyrics that sound so cliche that there is no way it's not them.
The past two years haven't just been all about music either, the band have been busy themselves, both Pete, Patrick and Joe all had new babies! How cute is that man!? Also can we just make note of how fiiiine everyone in the band became?! Back in '07 it was pretty much the Pete Wentz show but by god Patrick is a beautiful man and oh hey look at Andy these days! Those arms and that beard are definitely doing something for me! *insert heart face emoticon* 

So yeah basically HAPPY 2 YEARS BACK TOGETHER FALL OUT BOY.  Please stay for another 10 at least. I hope you've enjoyed what is essentially me fan girling about Fall Out Boy if not I'm sorry I'll write something better next time I promise although I'm fairly sure I'll be reviewing AB/AP in my next post! What I will leave you with is my current favourite Fall Out Boy thing.

From the new video for Irresistible.

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