Monday, 2 March 2015

Nerdpit - Weekly News #4

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Why is it that our weekly posts seem to have to follow the formula of Music/Nerdy/Something sad on a worryingly weekly basis, I mean I've got no problem with the nerdy shit, or music but if we can avoid cool people dying, that'd be great. Anyway that's the gist to the weekly news update, let's get into it!

Download Festival announced 38 new bands with my personal picks being Beartooth and..........well that's probably it. I'll include the link for the new bands here so there'll hopefully be something you like, and day tickets went on sale Friday so if you fancy a day sitting in the sun getting pissed, listening to some great live music but can't afford the full festival that'll be the best for you! If you have difficulty choosing your day here's the latest festival line up:


Margot Robbie revealed in an interview when she signed a deal to play Harley Quinn in the DC universe, it was a multi-picture deal. This could mean a Suicide Squad sequel, potentially her own origins movie, or maybe even her and Jared Leto as the antagonist to Ben Affleck's Batman! Potentially 10 years of movies with her playing Harley will not be a problem with me.

No. Problem. At All. - Source
She was recently on the Jimmy Fallon show to show that while you can take the girl out of Australia, you can't the the Australia out of the girl, as she kicks his arse in a drinking contest, the video can be found below:

On the subject of comic-book film franchises Marvel released a new poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron, which can be found below -


It shows all protagonists front and centre with a slight hint to Paul Bettany's role in the movie (clue - a bit more information can be found in my previous GET HYPED post which I've linked you to - gotta get that traffic up to feed my ego) 

And finally we're sad to announce the death of Leonard Nimoy - best known for Spock in Star Trek, and "Leonard Nimoy" in The Simpsons, died in Los Angeles after a battle with obstructive pulmonary disease, which can include bronchitis and emphysema, he was 83. His final public words are quite fitting, so I'll let the man himself say it:


Live Long and Prosper
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