Wednesday, 11 March 2015

You Can''t Kill the Metal - Origins

Welcome to the first new series from Nerdpit! Following our rebrand I decided that a series recommending to you underrated albums wasn't the best idea - because quite frankly you couldn't give a fuck what I think.

So instead, let's just do a quick review of certain cross-sections of rock and metal music, with a few videos thrown in for your noise-eyes to enjoy. And where's the best place to start? At the beginning:

Focus Bands - Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin.

Metal is the offspring of Blues and the "Rock and Roll" sound which The Kinks, The Beatles and The Yardbirds exposed us to in the early 60's. A few years down the line, and the inclusion of grittier, distorted guitar riffs and more intricate solo's saw the rise of a new sound - originating from the dullest place in Britain - Birmingham.

Black Sabbath can be attributed to discovering metal by accident - in a previous band lead guitarist Tony Iommi sufffered an accident in work that saw a finger-circumcision take place. What's a finger circumcision I hear you ask? He lost the tips. GET IT?! This meant he had to lower the tuning of his guitar into the #C tuning we recognise as "Black Sabbath" today. A distinctive style that is recognisable from their first album to their most recent.

If Black Sabbath were the front-runners for Metal in Britain, Led Zeppelin, while being British, were more popular in the United States due to their commitment to developing the Blues sound America pioneered. With lead guitarist Jimmy Page developing new and inventive ways of playing the guitar and Robert Plant showing amazing vocal range a radio-friendly version of Metal gave America their first taste of what was to come. For the best example of that here's a piece of what made Zeppelin great from their first album, enjoy the guitar work from 1:30 onwards that was absolutely groundbreaking for its time.

So that was the first installment of You Can't Kill the Metal, I enjoyed writing it so hopefully you enjoy reading it and most importantly, listening to it. More of the same......when I can be arsed. I'll leave you with a photo of my drunk ass when I went to see Black Sabbath in 2013. Enjoy.

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