Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Fall Out Boy's American Beauty/American Psycho Review!

So we all know I'm like the biggest Fall Out Boy fan girl ever so I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts on their newest album. I've loved Fall Out Boy since I was 13 but since Infinty On High I have struggled to fall straight in love with their albums, I hated Folie a Deux so much it still hasn't grown on me, the first 20 times I heard Save Rock & Roll I hated it but it grew on me. AB/AP however I fell in love again straight away.

AB/AP is completely different to anything but else Fall Out Boy have done but my god I love it! The entire album has a whole new energy about it, it's mostly full of upbeat catchy songs which make you want to dance about. Although there are a few tracks I personally find a bit slow and meh but these are cancelled out with tracks like Irrestisble, Una Thurman and Novocaine. The album is a mix of poppy music but classic Fall Out Boy lyrics, cliches everywhere and some of that pop punk feel.

Irrestisble has some of my favourite lyrics on the album, it's so upbeat and the video is absolutely brilliant. I just listen to it and feel so good about everything ever.
Una Thurman was the song that made me 100% fall in love, I love the munsters music mix. It's so catchy and if you don't want to dance to it, there's something wrong with you. 
Novocaine is one of the tracks that reminds me of the old Fall Out Boy, the lyrics are so good and Patrick's voice is on top form you've got to listen to this song if you don't listen to any others. 

All in all AB/AP is an amazing album just ignore a few of the slower tracks and all you'll want to do is dance. I can't believe how far Fall Out Boy have come I mean this album is being played on the radio it's amazing! And this album is to do with that it's so upbeat and catchy I personally can't stop listening to it! 

So go get it in your spotify playlist and you will not regret it! 

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