Wednesday, 29 April 2015

GET HYPED - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Hey guys, turns out we're not totally biased towards Marvel! I can write about DC too! Even if these days they're getting a "participation award" in the Super Hero Sports Day... But to their credit Batman V Superman does look pretty decent - it's got all the colour you'd expect from a Zack Snyder movie and more symbolism than a GCSE English Teacher's wet dream. So let's get the highlights from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice...

And now for some quick highlights! 


Dawn of the Dead suffered budget cuts just like the rest of the World....

Technically, he's only holding it over his head and doing nothing else - Superman doesn't even lift.

Bow before Henry Cavill's quiff. BOW YOU SHITS!

He just saved the world and you're vandalising his statue? Ungrateful shits...
Before we cut away to the introduction of Ben Affleck's Batman - following the highly successful Nolan franchise...

"Take away the suit, what are you? "A Billionaire Playboy Philanthrop-wait, shit. Wrong movie

 Eventually we get to a final confrontation before the trailer cuts away, with Batman giving the imposing line "Tell me, do you bleed? You will....."

Batman clearly knows Superman's menstrual cycle better than he does.

Dawn of Justice will be out in Cinemas March 23rd and will be out just before Captain America: Civil War  Now I'm not a huge DC fan but I'll definitely be going to see it, and hopefully these teasers and the upcoming hints towards a Justice League movie will be enough to interest you guys into going. You know those irritating people in movies who bug you asking who everyone is? Don't be that person....
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