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GET HYPED - Daredevil - Out Now on Netflix!

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I'll be honest with you guys (All 6 of you reading out there) I wasn't particularly bothered about writing this, or in fact watching this - but Beca roped me into watching the trailer, and I ended up getting pretty excited about it, it looks really well done and let's be honest - almost all Netflix exclusives lately seem to be hitting the mark! (Better Call Saul, Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt, we're looking at you here) so without further ado, buckle in and GET HYPED!

"When I was a kid, I used to dream about what it would be like living away from Hells Kitchen...."
Ask this guy Matt, see what he thinks -


Comic Book font for the title - good start Marvel, good start.

Kicking things off is a look at the main villain in Daredevil, and one of the main villains in the Marvel universe - Kingpin!

You didn't think I'd show his face did you, check the trailer for that!

For anyone who isn't massively aware of Daredevil, his alter ego - Matt Murdock, was blinded as a child, which gets presumably answered with this clip in the trailer...

Kids + Toxic Waste = Superpowers. Remember folks, industrial accidents pay off!

Luckily Matt makes the best of a bad situation, and gets trained in martial arts by his mentor, 'Stick' - because nicknaming a blind man after the item he needs to go about his daily routine doesn't seem a bit dickish to anyone from Marvel (like calling a deaf person 'Hearing Aids', but we'll avoid that potential "AIDS joke" minefield right there....)

Raising child soldiers before Kony made it cool

Charlie Cox has been cast as Murdock, and while the movie of Daredevil was...........Shit - Cox definitely gives off a Ben Affleck vibe to his casting, especially with this shot of him wearing what can only be described as "John Lennon" glasses


I should probably give you a bit more information about the upcoming series, rather than just taking the piss - Deborah-Ann Woll (True Blood) has been cast as the inevitable love interest Karen Page - which you can see in the trailer crosses paths with Daredevil and the life he leads. Also cast in leading roles have been Elden Hanson (Hunger Games), cast as Murdocks associate Foggy Nelson, and Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin.

Humble beginnings and all that....

Murdock is a Lawyer by day, Crimefighter by night. Add in the fact that he's blind and he's basically me. But instead of Lawyer see "Law Graduate", instead of Blind see "Shit eyesight", and Crimefighter see "Occasionally shout at Chavs from the safety of passing cars" 

Remember that Agents of Shield/Daredevil crossover we told you about in this news post? Well here's another teaser. Two Marvel T.V exclusives meeting together to fuck shit up? *Drools.....*

And because I'm so nice, here's junior! Giving you a good look into Cox's portrayal of the blind vigilante!

Less of a "Red Gimp Suit" and more of Under Armour spokesperson
There's purposely few shots of Daredevil, because they wouldn't want to shoot their load too early and show him in his glory before you're hooked in, would they? Luckily this is probably the best image you'll get of how Daredevil will appear this series.

Mmmm, broody
Any show can be made 43% better with the inclusion of Ninjas. ANY. Show.
One of the lasting images is Daredevils mortality, because after all, he's still human, and judging by this shot, he's had the very human shit beaten out of him....

"Mmmmm, floor ketchup."

Daredevil just came out on Netflix this weekend,  with the entire series now available - hoping this post takes you over there right now to check it out!
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