Sunday, 12 April 2015

Nerdpit Weekly News #6

Welcome to our Weekly News, we'll start off with a new music track from Four Year Strong for you to get your ears around while you read the rest of this post! 'We All Float Down Here' will be from their new self titled album released June 1st and is their first track since 2011's album 'In Some Way, Shape, or Form' - I cant believe it's been 4 years since any new Four Year Strong material!

And following onto new music; Stone Sour have announced a cover album released this month as well! 'Meanwhile in Burbank' will feature tracks from Kiss, Alice in Chains, Judas Priest, and two of my favourite bands of all time - Metallica and Black Sabbath. The tracks Corey and the band are covering can be found here. 'Meanwhile in Burbank' will be in "stores" (by that I assume iTunes) in April 18th.

I'm sure you're bored as fuck seeing us rave over Age of Ultron, but frankly we don't care. So here's another (and probably final) teaser for the new Avengers movie, showing the cast in more of a behind the scenes vibe that shows Hollywood actors actually getting along (Shocking, we know).

From one Superhero movie news to another, although this one is slightly less enjoyable - Co-stars of the Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have announced they are taking a "break" from seeing each other. I'm sure if Andrew gets drunk and beds some girl that Emma wont hold it against him for several series  years because "THEY WERE ON A BREAK!" 

And finally onto a couple of "first looks" from both Marvel and D.C regarding two of their most anticipated movies. Suicide Squad is expected to hit cinemas around 2016 and a photo of the cast (including Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne)  was recently released, so to save you the effort of searching the internet for 5 seconds we, the good folks of Nerdpit, have saved you the effort! 

Conspicuous by his absence was Jared Leto, playing The Joker - but have no fear kids! A photo of him with his "Joker Green" hair was released this week also so here you go! 

And to cap it all off we have first-look shots of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in costume as filming began in Vancouver's Georgia Viaduct. I've waited for this movie for so many years and can't wait for it. Enjoy a few set and costume photos! 


And yes, there is definitely a Get Hyped coming out the day an official trailer gets released. In the meantime I'm gonna bail, because we're binging on Daredevil on Netflix and a blind man stabbing someone in the eye is something I want to get on board with! Take care! 

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