Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Nerdpit Weekly News #7

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Welcome to the Nerdpit Weekly News! We've had a brilliant week for Nerdy shit, especially movie trailers!  But like last week we'll start off with some music for you to listen to while you read. You'll have noticed lately that there's this big thing in the sky that's making everything warm, it disappears as quickly as it arrives and it usually means one thing in music terms -FESTIVALS! With Download 6 weeks away they announced yet more bands (Because too much of a good thing is bullshit) - Personal highlights include Funeral For a Friend, 36 Crazyfists, Three Days Grace and Yellowcard.

And onto the nerdy - which there's been three fantastic teasers released in the past week, all of which will be getting their own Get Hyped's written about them so keep an eye out there. But we'll start with the big one - the one that had my nerdy heart (Or that black sludge where my heart should be) racing - A new Star Wars teaser! I can't even put into words on here how good this looks, because I'm a selfish shit and saving my best jokes for the upcoming G.H's, so just enjoy the trailer!


Way back in February when Nerdpit started (under a different name admittedly) I wrote my first blog post, which was an overly excitable look at Jurassic World, and that's gonna continue soon enough with the release of another teaser poster from the movie, released June 12th. 

And finally onto the DC news - they released their first look at "Batman vs Superman - Dawn of Justice" this week. Following a leak of the trailer, which made it look like one of those £2 DVD's you used to get from your dodgy mate down the street (No, not THOSE types) to watch new movie releases, Zack Snyder released the HD version which looks awesome - there's a lot of vivid colours which Snyder has made into his own recognisable style which not giving away too much of the plot! I know you'll be fed up with videos by now but give this a watch too! I promise we're nearly finished!

That's it for the news this week, if we've missed something out feel free to comment, or to personally abuse me on Twitter over here - Enjoy your evening and we'll see you again on Wednesday!
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