Friday, 17 April 2015

Poison Ivy Costume - The Process and the Completion

Back at the beginning of the year I was looking for a little bit of a project to work on when I was reminded of Craig's sisters upcoming birthday which was going to be fancy dress and I thought what better way to spend my time then spending way too long making a costume.

I decided I wanted to go as Poison Ivy and after a little bit of research on Pinterest and YouTube I worked out how I was going to do it. I took a green dress and attempted to sew on individual ivy leaves from fake garlands using elastic thread. Though after a little while (see above) I decided it was too time consuming and switched to using glue instead, even if it did mean I compromised the stretchy-ness of the dress, it was definitely a two person job to get me in and out of it.

Sorry for the bad lighting guys!

I took a green high neck dress from Asos that I got in the sale and cut the top off so it was strapless. I then sewed on a vine of ivy to the top as a strap to hold the dress up. I then sponged on paint in patches on the dress where I knew I was going to leave exposed from leaves and used glue to stick on all of the leaves focusing on the top, bottom, one side and random patches. The dress was pretty short so I also used the leaves to extend the hemline a little (family party and all that). I also glued leaves onto a pair of cheap cream flats rather than feeling uncomfortable in new heels all night. 

I curled my hair using the BaByliss Diamond Radiance Tousled Hair Wand and used bobby pins to clip in a few leaves.

For my makeup I used all my usual bits with a few differences to my eyes and lips (obviously). I used the Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette in Colour Chaos for my eye makeup and the Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick in Serpent. This brand is a godsend when it comes to unusual colours in makeup.

To finish it all off on my body I used the green lipstick to smear green patches rather than painting my whole body and used eyelash glue to glue on individual leaves.

Enjoy this photo of my villainous counterpart and I

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