Friday, 24 April 2015

You Can't Kill The Metal - American Origins

 Focus Bands - Kiss, Aerosmith, Blue Oyster Cult.

If the last post on You Can't Kill the Metal were about the seeds planted by Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, this one is definitely about the green shoots sprouting in the United States. The early 70's saw lots of porny looking tashes as well as a series of bands making their breakthroughs. 
In 1971 Blue Oyster Cult released their debut album under a re-branded band name containing 'Cities on Flame with Rock & Roll' which if you haven't gave a listen to, has a southern-rock guitar riff that Lynyrd Skynyrd would take as an influence in later years.

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Linking into the Blues-styles riffs, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry formed Aerosmith in 1971 and gathered a bit of steam through the mode of publicity which would define the decade and to be honest, the entire genre - touring like motherfuckers.
For their first album, a lot of it was just about getting their names out and playing the same hits over and over again. In fact, you could even say it was the same old song and dance...

Away from the Blues-Rock that was developing in the early 70's Rock and Metal scene we have a band who I consider to be the ultimate showmen - Kiss. When a gig contains fire-breathing, blood spitting, huge outfits, facepaints, and flying Bassists you're probably gonna make a few waves! The first track from their self titled-debut album, 'Strutter' is something that'll grab your attention long enough for the ensuing solo, fireballs and blood to ensure that it's undivided.

Hopefully I can keep your attention and persistence through these early years of my favourite genre of music, because trust me, business is about to pick up, because while America got their pieces to the table quickest, Britain are about to fight back, led by a talking skull called Eddie....

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