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Bullet For My Valentine & Trivium - Why Neither are the Worlds Biggest Metal Band

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Since Metallica disappeared up their own arses in the mid-90's there has been a real lack of good 'ol fashioned metal bands in the last few years. Sure, there have been the ones Kerrang have stuck their seal of approval to, but bearing in mind 5 years ago Lostprophets were one of their bands of choice I'd rather base my music tastes on personal experience than media recommendation (He says writing a music post designed to influence readers choices in music)

The last two metal bands that were seemingly on the cusp of superstardom and following in the footsteps of Ulrich, Hammett, and Hetfield (But hopefully not Burton) were Trivium, and Bullet For My Valentine. Bands which, after a blinding start to their careers, have been seen to be treading water for the last 5 years.Was this down to poor releases, or poor timing? Indulge me for 5 minutes...

The careers of the two have followed incredibly similar paths - A breakout album followed by a more "radio friendly" releases before going back to a more refined version of what made them burst out the blocks in the first place - only for "Poison, Scream Aim Fire, Fever" see "Ascendancy, The Crusade, Shogun" Hell - they've even had a band member leave each for Christ sake!

Both lead with crunching guitars and double bass drums. They both incorporate screaming and they both have frontmen (both called Matt) who have had to have another bandmate take over screaming vocals on tour due to throat issues, and finally both have side projects in other "Supergroups" with Roadrunner United and Axewound...

Ascendancy and The Poison are two amazing albums - and in their later releases neither Bullet nor Trivium seem to encapsulate the passion that those two albums had in their breakout releases. They're still producing consistently good material but can't seem to capture attention like their breakout albums did.

I will say this though - trends change. I mean hell look at their hair for one, and secondly I write an entire series on this site documenting the changing son of a bitch that is Heavy Metal - and right now we're going through a Hardcore phase - Bands like Sleeping With Sirens, Bury Tomorrow, Devil Wears Prada & Parkway Drive are at the front of a genre in fashion right now which shows no sign of slowing down. Maybe in the next few years music will change again and these two bands will have the opportunity Metallica did, discover a new style of making music and release their version of "The Black Album".

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