Monday, 4 May 2015

GET HYPED - Star Wars

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This was something I had planned on writing the second Beca roped me into writing for Nerdpit, something that isn't part of the nerdy renaissance that we've seen in the last 10 years, and something that I had written for well over 2 months until the new teaser came out on the 16th of April (Damn you JJ Abrams) Star Wars is a fanchise I've loved since a kid but I can understand why it's not to everyone's tastes. That said, be prepared to GET HYPED for Star Wars - The Force Awakens.

The trailer can be viewed below!

We're greeted with the Tatooine desert at first, before panning up to the main character, Finn (John Boyega). So congratulations kid, you're the first actor a new generation of Star Wars fans will see when they watch it, and here's me, same age, eating reheated Stir Fry in my underwear.

Lucky Bastard.

Going into a few "blink and you'll miss them" flashes of what's to come from J.J Abrams' vision of the franchise. Quick shout out to Abrams, getting to live the nerdy dream - taking over the Directors seat for both Star Wars and Star Trek! But anyway, enough of my jealousy, here's the snippets!

HE MADE THE BEEP BOOP BEEP! THAT'S R2D2! - My actual words watching this.
 Going into a military carrier flashes of Clones/Stormtroopers disembarking the craft. The helmets are different from the original franchises (hehe, helmets) But the nerd in me is starting to peak...

Ladies and Gents, we have X wing fighters. FUCKING X WINGS! FLYING LOW! ON WATER!

 I thought I wasn't gonna lose my shit anymore when I saw the X Wings. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. What will follow next is almost word for word how I reacted when seeing this.

 "That's the Sith, he's wearing black it's gotta be! SHIT! Red Lightsabre! HOLY FUCK THERE'S LIGHTSABRES ATTACHED TO THE LIGHTSABRE!!"
I squealed like a 7 year old at a Jonas Brothers concert (Are the Jonas Brothers still in fashion? Otherwise this video isn't as funny as it should be, because usually spraying white stuff over young girls lands you in a cell with Rolf Harris!)

So much attention garned from just three sentences uttered in the video....
There has been an awakening. Can you feel it? The Dark side, and the light....
We hear those final words before cutting into the final shot.

 MILLENNIUM FALCON! MILLENNIUM FALCON IN THE SKY DOING BARREL ROLLS! Diving straight into an attack against TIE Fighters (For once, that capitalization isn't me losing my shit, but rather the actual name!) Before the "teaser scene" ends abruptly.

Overall there was only about 30 seconds of actual footage, but I've got cinematic blue balls from the second I watched it and I'm only gonna get them relieved 'em when it comes out. If you intend on seeing it on December 18th and you're anything like me - bring the tissues. There'll be a Get Hyped on the latest teaser later this week, so keep you eyes peeled for that if this has your attention already!

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