Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Suicide Squad News in all it's Glory

Nerdpit covering something that's not Marvel?! Don't worry there dear reader (Both of you) it's still gonna be a good post.......If by good you mean tolerable. 

Since Marvels competitors saw how they did with success of Guardians of the Galaxy, their producers will have been wondering how they can burn this cash cow with a DC brand, their idea? SUICIDE SQUAD! A movie about 9 highly trained criminals becoming anti-heroes in exchange for some favours - AKA - Early Release. 
The first squad photo in full costume was released a few weeks ago and despite having my reservations I'm impressed. (Margot Robbie in hotpants has absolutely nothing to do with that, although I'm only human....) - it shows Robbie, Will Smith, Cara Delevingne, Jai Courtney et al in full "Task Force X" gear. 

When Will Smith was announced in an ensemble cast I despaired - I didn't think that a star as big as him could work in an large cast, given that he's been more accustomed to leading roles where the spotlight is focused solely on his character. But it appears that Deadshot will be getting a predominant role in the movie similar to RDJ in the Avengers, as individual pictures of Deadshot were released shortly after the cast photo! 
And with set-pictures being leaked (or released, depending on if you're a glass half-full kinda person) we're getting more and more of a look into how the movie is going to shape up!

And for example, we know there's going to be a plane crash from this set photo....

And we know this Joker is more of a put-together psychopath, rather than the anarchy-loving incarnations of old...Motherfucker has a sports car while I serve John Smiths for £1.79...

The movie seems to be headed up by Robbie and Smith will be heading up the cast list with The Joker being used more as an origin story for Harley Quinn's descent into psychopathy. Sexy, sexy, psychopathy....
One more thing, released last night actually - BATMAN'S GETTING IN ON THE PARTY! Here he is, using the Jokers car as a surfboard 

That's it for my blatant plagiarism of other sites compiled into one for your reading pleasure! Nerdpit's undergoing a bit of a transformation as we sort more posts for you to enjoy, so stick with us, you'll not be disappointed!

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