Friday, 1 May 2015

Why you're all idiots, or "why voting for the politics you believe in still matters"

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It's 2am, I've been awake for 19 hours and I need to get a few things off my chest. I wrote a pisstake post last week about why I'm "voting UKIP" and if it's not clear, I'm a card carrying socialist and proud. There was a worryingly real message behind it though, as the idea of voting for an "outside" party due to dissatisfaction for mainstream parties is becoming an increasingly popular one

This is however, creating a real trend in my generation of voters, and because of this I've seen my fair share of reasons not voting for parties that represent them. Instead we see voters turning to:
  • Parties that are stand a better chance of "winning"
  • Parties with extreme policies that don't match views of the voter, or worse - 
  • Abstaining from voting entirely

'Tactical and protest voting' is something that's coming in due to political parties being so utterly shit at representing our views that we're picking the voting option for the party we think will be the least dickish to each other, or being so defeated that we ruin our ballots, don't bother voting at all, or worse - vote for a party a mile outside their beliefs just to send a message to Westminster. Which is of course, futile.

"But Craig, how can sending a message to Parliament be considered futile in your eyes?" Well I'm glad you asked dear reader. Because to be frank, it's what they want - they want a disillusioned electorate so that they need the fewest votes possible to achieve power. For example - the Conservative Party are the largest party in Britain, and were able to get into Parliament with less than 1 in 4 votes cast for them. 1 in 4...

But who would blame them, these Gentlemen have two of the most punchable faces in British, maybes even World politics.
Gideon "Offshore Bank Account" Osborne.....Source

And David "Just call me Dave, while I take your benefits" Cameron - Source
So please keep alive this ideal of voting with your heart, and vote for a party that will match your beliefs. I'm not even saying this as a "lefty", although these days we are the disillusioned franchise - "our" party has become a carbon copy of the boys in blue they sit opposite in Parliament, and why? They attemped to create "New Labour" combining the best parts of capitalism and socialism. What happened? They became the very thing they competed against, and the voters who would've voted for Labour now feel abandoned by a party that no longer represent their beliefs, and the less said about the Liberal Democrats the better! That could encompass an entirely different post and are entirely the reason why people mistrust modern politicians!

You there! Commoners! Lick our shoes! Source
If you're not sure about which parties policies match your beliefs, and let's be honest you shouldn't be taking political advice from a Socialist gobshite such as myself, but again if you aren't, there's a 5 minute test here for which party match your beliefs.
And if you're unsure about policies - there's a test here for you here. So hopefully these two will give you a better idea of which party would help you. If people voted for policies rather than party's, the Green party would lead the votes!

"Oh but my party isn't going to win" - it's not a goddamn competition, it's about choosing a party you believe in to serve your best interests for the next 5 years. If it's something you believe in, please don't ever consider it a wasted vote, and it's not about having a party that 100% matches your beliefs, it's about the party that best represents you, and not the party that represents and protects their own...


I've used a lot of genuine quotes I've heard over the least week or two and tried to dispel them accordingly, so you'll allow me to steal one from Enter Shikari, whilst being as politically informed as bricks, they invoke some pretty good emotions....

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything"

If you don't pin your colours to a party that actually represents your views, you'll fall into the melting pot of "undecided" voters who the established parties will attempt to lead you on their merry way with false promises and mindless pandering - rendering what would've been a vote that mattered absolutely fucking useless and apathetically cast.

That brings us to the end of my rant, for anyone who cares I'm voting Green, I'm not particularly environmentally friendly, I just believe their social policies are the most appropriate for my vote. If you got this far with a title named "Why you're all idiots" then I thank you, you're probably not an idiot. It's just all those other cocks out there (that was not the C word I originally had but it didn't make it past editing). Much love.
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