Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Nerdpit does Download - Friday

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Have you missed me?

Probably not if we're honest, but I'll feed my own ego by pretending you were all waiting for a new post for three weeks. 
During those three weeks there's been a shitload of upheaval in my life, most of which will be documented on here, but for the time being here's a little story bout how my life got flipped, turned upside down I got drunk in a field for three days - or as rock fans call it - I went to Download festival.

There was a bit of hassle with the cashless ticket system they were trying for the first time, but after and hour and a half's queuing we (myself and my Dad) made it in!
"But first, let me take a selfie" - I'm sorry you had to read that joke

I started off with seeing All That Remains - which were the opening band of the festival and  given a frankly insulting 25 minutes to play. They did great with the time they had fitting in their biggest hits "Six" and "This Calling." I also had the pleasure of a man offering me a drink out of his hip flask which mercifully had Jack Daniels in, and not Rohypnol. Good start to the day!

Hip Flask pictured above


Representing the Undisputed Future of the WWE with my T Shirt choice - Seth Rollins
 My next port of call was the third stage to see Beartooth, a band who I only got into recently - starting with the Kerrang Tour which we wrote a post on here. Only this time I knew their songs and could lose my shit accordingly. They played what felt like the exact same set as Kerrang, but the crowd gave more energy back and the set improved as a result. Special mention goes to the guitarist for crowdsurfing as he played at the same time.

Then, the downside of the weekend - the bloody weather. Over the course of a three day festival I was lucky enough to enjoy 5 hours of sunshine. After that it was varying degrees of "Miserable skies", "Drizzle", and "Fucking pissing down!" So I retreated into the third stage again as it was covered to see Dragonforce, or as my mate said "That band where every song sounds the same" (which is hard to argue with) and got treat to a surprise when Babymetal came out on stage. For anyone who doesn't know Babymetal are an eclectic type of band, combining J-Pop and, you guessed it, Heavy Metal. It's fucked up and my photographic proof of the event is provided with the potato-quality image below.

Finally, the headliner I was looking forward to for months - Slipknot, playing to 80,000 crazy motherfuckers (Last phrase copyrighted by C.Taylor, 2015)
"Ladies and Gentleman, Slipknot is home" & "Welcome to Downpour 2015" were two of the best phrases uttered by the best voice in metal on a soaking wet Friday Night. I'll not bore you with the details but combining their new songs (AOV, Devil in I, Custer) with the classics from Iowa and Slipknot made for a great night - and starting a Wall of Death to Duality will be something I treasure for a while.

The bruises afterwards, not so much....
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