Thursday, 2 July 2015

Nerdpit does Download - Saturday


Yeah, if you could sum up my second day at Download Festival, that would be an accurate summation. Oh, and meeting Padge from Bullet For My Valentine, which Beca was absolutely delight at, being her favourite band and all. She definitely wasn't jealous. Not. Jealous. At. All.*

*She may have told me to repeatedly fuck off.

Let's start off with the bands! My day began with Hollywood Undead who I didn't know much about other than their songs a few years back but wanted to see for the novelty of "a bunch of queer c***s in masks" (their words, not mine) 

I was pleasantly surprised, they showed a lot of fluidity in their music with band members switching instruments regularly to allow others to take the lead on songs. Songs which switched styles more than I had anticipated, switching from rock, to rap, to a delightfully cheery pop song about suicide (irony clearly their strong suit.)

Following their set I waded through the mud and the strong scent of weed into the guest area for a sit down before Parkway Drive. Another band which I hadn't listened much to, mainly due to the fact that when they were at their peak I was surrounded by 18 year old fuck boys and wanted no part of their music tastes. However saying that their set was intense, I crowd-surfed to Carrion and despite not knowing any songs other than "Karma" the crowd were in full voice due to their songs having a "singability" to them. If that's not a word, it is now. Special mention goes to their lead singer for cockteasing the crowd by starting off a song but then stopping midway through because the "circle pits weren't good enough"

Up next, Rise Against. A band that I've loved since I was 15 and finally getting the chance to see them was something I wasn't nearly drunk enough for. With Tim McIlrath stating his love for "shitty weather festivals" and jumping into the crowd for Prayer of the Refugee, I forgot about the shitty weather for another half an hour because by this point, I was enjoying the bands just because of the warmth the crowd gave as I was freezing my tits off.

I met up with a few friends and saw Dubwar and caught the last of A Day To Remember's set before sitting my ass down on the mud - a £3 poncho (robbing bastards) doubling as my seat while my friends looked down from their pre-bought seats. The bastards
Mind, it would've bothered me more if I'd bought the poncho, but turning a one I found on the ground inside-out worked wonders! ............don't judge me.

"Oh the weather outside is frightful......"
And now..........STORYTIME! I saw a drug deal take place during Faith No More
Standing next to a stony-faced bloke carrying a large red ball being constantly pestered by a few different blokes at a time could probably be explained by the guys being drunk! .....The fact I saw a bag exchanged via a handshake? maybes they were just giving some cash.....The fact I saw the bloke put something on his hand and sniffed so loudly I could hear them over FNM's set? Okay, fair enough...

Special mention to Mike Patton of FNM for stealing a stewards headset and announcing "terrorist alert, shut down the festival" into it over the tannoy to the smirks of the poor bugger who's headset he stole.

I had a clash of Muse and Marilyn Manson for the headlining slot on Saturday night, with my vote going to the Pale Emperor himself, on the basis I thought Muse would be easier to see in future ahead of Manson, so off I trotted to the second stage to witness what looked like a church setting with zombies....No, wait, that's just his back up band. Bringing on Ice T from Bodycount left me with one certain fact in my mind. Marilyn Manson is fucking insane. Going off into grandiose statements including "Ice T made everything.....including Ice T" and throwing a bag of what I hoped was baking soda at his guitarist. Nevertheless, he experience.

I caught the end of Muse's set and I'm still kicking myself I didn't see more, by the time I arrived they'd dropped giant inflatable balls into the crowd as they finished their conventional set with 'Assassin' - Managed to make myself 'comfortable' as they kicked off their encore with 'Uprising', before finishing off with crowd favourites 'Plug In Baby' and 'Knights of Cydonia'

Check out what bands I saw on Sunday, including my favourite band from the entire weekend, and it wont be one you see coming. 
Wow, that last part sounded very "Buzzfeed-esque" someone shoot me.

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