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Bullet For My Valentine Gig Review

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In true Nerdpit fashion, we're bringing you the latest news...........a week late. Last week we went to see one of our favourite bands and one of the first bands me and Beca bonded over, Bullet For My Valentine, as they played a tiny venue in Middlesbrough, The Empire.

It's a small venue, with the main stage floor being about the size of Popworld! Luckily though, tonight's music was more BFMV rather than B*Witched. But first we were treat to the support acts that were some of the strongest I've seen live in the last few years. Ranging from Japan to Yorkshire, the bands Coldrain and While She Sleeps would see me attend their shows should they come to Newcastle on their own headline shows.

I wont lie, when Coldrain took to the stage, I thought they were a walking cliche - the 5 member, 2 guitarist, 1 guitar-less lead singer combination that all hardcore bands have these days, and when he screamed "Let's open this pit up!" followed by a opening breakdown I just thought "Here we go again...." 

BUT! There was something different about them, there was a contrasting style in the vocals (think Pierce the Veil but less shrilly) and an energy that belied their opening billing. A Japanese band getting attention in the U.K for something other than J-Rock or J-Metal would be something I'd welcome for sure!

Onto While She Sleeps, a Sheffield band who announced they were here to "Drink all your beer, and smoke all your weed!" a promise they hopefully didn't keep, because drugs are bad, and heavy metal bands have never done anything illegal. Ever.*
*I might possibly be lying with this statement
The frontman was.....we'll say, adventurous. What do you mean by adventurous? Well for instance he did this -

And this

Aye. So he was pretty mental.

While She Sleeps were another great band to support Bullet, upping the tempo from Coldrain and getting the crowd pumped for the beautiful Welsh bastards that followed.

Opening with No Way Out, and followed by fan-favourite "4 Words to Choke Upon" me and Beca quickly decided to nope the fuck out of the overcrowded center of the floor after a few songs, as pits opened up on either side of us and I didn't fancy writing this post from hospital after I get crushed by a metalheads size 12 Docs (Conveniently sponsoring the North East Music Blog of the Year, see how I squeezed that little plug in?) 

Once we got to safety we enjoyed their new albums strongest track, You Want A Battle, Here's A War, and a track which criminally, was left off the main album, Raising Hell. Messers Tuck, Padgett, Thomas, and that other guy also reminded us that The Poison was TEN!! years old. Well fuck if I don't feel old after that, I did after they launched into the albums namesake track.

So Beca cried as well - during Matt Tuck's acoustic version of The Last Fight, before they blasted into a full version of it, following it with Venom and Alone, two tracks which I wouldn't necessarily put into a setlist but hey, Matt Tuck's the frontman, I'm just a gobby prick on the internet! 

An honourable mention to the chivalrous bloke who, after asking me to move (Which I did, because I'm a polite bastard) decided to stand right in front of my 5"2 girlfriend. That's decency for you. Hope you enjoyed the knees in the back and the limited view once I got my 6"1 ass back in front of you. Dick. Oh, back to the gig, they played Worthless, Army of Noise, following with the ultimate staple of a 13 year olds flip phone - Tears Don't Fall.

Capping off proceedings with Hand of Blood, before giving us the ol' tease "Will they, wont they" encore walk off, they decided to come back and kick our arses one more time with Your Betrayal and Waking the Demon, sparking the final pits and walls of death. During the final lull before the last chorus hit, I've not seen a Wall collapse so quickly since a bunch of pissed off Germans went rogue in the late 80's. 

This was the first time I've seen Bullet that wasn't at a festival, and the small venue worked perfectly. The view wasn't great down to the overcrowding, but complaining about that when the gig was that good is kinda like saying complaining about the plates at a Michelin star restaurant.

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