Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Bullet For My Valentine P-review

Over at Nerdpit we're big fans of Bullet for My Valentine, despite what my post a few months ago would suggest. Since hearing The Poison all those years ago  it's become one of my favourite albums, to the extent where when I met Jay in 2010 and Padge at Download this year it was pretty much all I could say! If that story of a 23 year old man having a "moment" wasn't embarassing enough here's a photo of me with Jay when I was 17...

I aged like a fine wine.....but let's be realistic it was only up given this haircut

So anyway there's been a new album released by Matt Tuck, Michael Padgett, Michael Thomas, and that guy who's not Jay (Jamie Mathias, thank you google) recently and me and Beca are away to see them today at Middlesbrough so we thought we'd give you a PREview of the gig, and a REview of the album - hence my hilarious title wordplay. You found it hilarious right, right??? 

So tickets for Bullets tour sold our pretty quickly given that they're on a "smaller venue" tour to help reconnect with fans and create a more intimate and personal vibe on their shows, even going so far as to include a "fans request" section. That didn't stop our guest writer Kloe from grabbing this photo in between jumping round like a fool...

So onto the album! Venom is one of their hardest albums released to date, with the opening track No Way Out starting off in true metal style; a scream and a riff. Army of Noise follows without pause for breath and showcases Bullet's Metallica influences, both with the track not sounding out of place on their early releases in the 80's and the album's opening one-two punch combination 'Tallica made their forte. 

The album keeps up a consistent barrage of riffs and verses, with the best track on the album, You Want a Battle? Here's A War, lyrically being a pretty damn dark subject matter and Broken maintaining that theme before Venom and Harder the Heart take the album on a slower tone to help you get your breath back! The album clocks in at 40 minutes so it's an "easy listen" if ever there was one for a Metal album, and the final few tracks keep your attention for every second of it. Hell or High Water is a personal favourite and the Pariah/Playing God ending sequence makes you beg for an extra few tracks......Which we got with the bonus edition! 

Best tracks -You Want a Battle, Here's A War, Pariah, No Way Out
Albums hidden gem - Hell or High Water
Criticisms - Not many if I'm honest, it's a solid album, my only concern is the lack of memorable choruses, I'm talking "Tears Don't Fall" or "The Poison" standard. I could be proven wrong in the future, and by Tuesday I'll probably be eating my words as I sing my drunken ass off to every song they play.

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