Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Cats and Flats - Meet our furry little bastards.

Another reason why we took such a huge break from writing is because quite frankly, looking after 3 cats while holding down a 50 hour a week job drains you. Like, seriously drains you. We're talking "Indiana Jones - Nazi looks into the Ark of the Covenant" type. But anyway, I feel like we should introduce the 3 little shits and understand them a bit better! 

This is Sansa - Beca had her before we got together, she's a Calico with a teddy bear face, the latter part being one of her nicknames - others we have for her is Sannawans (or Wans for short) and my new favourite "Friendly Neighbourhood Sansacat" (Sang in the classic Spiderman tune) 

Her personality is very guarded - she's not great round new people and really makes you earn her love which means it's all the bit more awesome when she lets you stroke her and chin tickles. But once she wants cuddles she's the first to jump onto the bed and under the covers. The only girl Beca lets me share the bed with!

This right here, this is my boy. Giving him his full name "The Fearless Sergeant James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes" or 'Bucky' for short was brought into mine and Beca's care when Beca impulsively wanted a kitten to look after again. I was dragged along to meeting him - cue my insecurity of "How will I know if I want him?!" to Beca, and after looking through a Marvel Encyclopedia we had the name sorted before the cat.

His personality is nothing but friendly, he's an absolute softie, he headbutts you if he likes you enough, he'll groom or be groomed depending on the cat he's with, always play fights with the little one, taking a submissive role and letting the final kitten fuck him up in the nicest possible way. He's a little bit of an idiot and regularly gets hurt - recently I had to fork out a vets bill because the idiot broke his foot - but it's worth it when the fucking idiot pulls shit like this. 

"Paint me like one of your French girls"
That's not a one off by the way, he legitimately sleeps like that.

Finally we're onto the little one, the little rat bastard, Pippie Longstocking, Pippin Barnes himself. Named Pippin after Pippin from Lord of the Rings, and adopting the Barnes surname along with Bucky due to how similar they look, the little idiot has absolutely no right to be in my house. The dick. 

Okay, so maybe I resent him a little since Beca got him without telling me, or wanting a kitten (Not kidding, look at my "input" into the conversation on getting a cat)

 But after he nearly ran away last month I finally broke down and admitted I love the little rat bastard. That nickname derives from the fact he's always round my feet when I start to take a few steps - hence my shout of "YOU STUPID LITTLE RAT BASTARD" because I nearly step on the idiot.

But let's be honest, I'll forgive him when he's this cute

Pip's personality is mischievous - he's also the happiest little kitten you'll ever meet -the idiot purrs at literally everything. When he jumps onto the bed I can almost count to three before the purring maniac begins going again! 

"Make sure you catch my good side, human"
They've all got their downsides - Pippin is starting to get hyperactive around 2am, thudding and thumping around the laminate floor of our flat keeping us awake - usually with his partner in crime Sansa (due to Bucky's injury) - and while we're talking about Bucky his problem is the little bastard has begun biting me in the mornings to get me up to feed him. The twat. He's also a total goddamn idiot, he chirps like a bird when he's happy or hyper, but he's alright I guess.

Finally Sansa - as I said she's really guarded, so when I pick her up for a cuddle a swift clawing to the chest usually follows....

"Hey, Dad, watcha doin?" "Fuck off Pippin"

But at the same time all of them are awesome in their own ways - When Sans is in the mood for cuddles it's awesome, Pippin's happiness just makes you melt because of his tininess, and finally Bucky just chills these days with the occasional headbutt out of affection - although that'll hopefully change once his foot's all better!

At the time of photographing, Bucky was still adopting the nickname of "Sir Limpsalot" hence the sitting down

"Boy, calm yourself, Damned fool"
"Hey! Dad, the fuck you think you're playing at snapping Bucky not me, GET ME IN FOCUS!"

"Yeah, that's right bitch."
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