Friday, 16 October 2015

Cats & Flats - Take a look inside our new home

Part of the reason for Nerdpit's continued absence was the fact that me and Beca, the two writers, moved in together - Beca will be doing a full house tour over on her blog, but for me - this is all about the nerdy and quirky shit that we've managed to accumulate over in our very own flat!

So you wander up the stairs to find Godzilla staring back at you, devouring a bunch of unfortunate garden gnomes! He's terrifying, and evil.....and about 12 inches tall.

"I AM GODZILLA, HEAR ME ROAR AND BOW TINY GNOM-Wait, no, leave Kitty! Do not lick Godzilla!"
The bedroom, as imagined, isn't too nerdy - but that doesn't stop me putting one thing in it.... Also including a cute as fuck photo frame of the pair of us where we went as Bane and Poison Ivy for my sisters 18th....

And again, the kitchen is somewhere we keep "normal".....until Beca got me a Chewbacca cookie jar for my birthday the other week. It doesn't help that I constantly piss her off with my Wookie impressions.

Seriously though, I can't wait until the new Star Wars movie comes out

But take a step back into our sitting room and all the nerdy shit shows up, so here goes!

So by the TV are a Captain America and Black Widow POP Vinyl figures flanking it on either side, Widow and Cap are Marvel characters we, quite frankly, fucking adore.

Speaking of Captain America, here's our comic collection - Starting from Bucky Barnes resurrection up to his own series and all the crossover events in between! On average I buy about 3/4 comics a month.
I'm an adult.

That's not even our full collection, I've loaned a few out because I'm an awesome friend.

Keeping up with our Captain America theme it's time for story time! That canvas is why me and Beca are living together...
We went to The Range, which is kinda like a giant do-it-all/homeware/D.I.Y/craft store, and Bec saw this canvas. So she bought it for her room while she still lived with her Mam, but then it got us talking that "Oh my god if we lived together this would be in the hallway welcoming everyone!" Eventually spending the entire shopping trip talking about stuff we'd buy for our totally hypothetical and "not-at-all-going-to-happen" house.

8 months later, I'm stuck with her...

Onto the office! Nerdpit's very own Nerd Pit. In the photo above is yet more references to Captain America shit, Doctor Who, Black Widow, and a few of Beca's projects that she likes to work on. This is where the bulk of the writing gets done (If at all) or where we just tend to stream some Netflix and pretend like we don't have deadlines to meet.

A map of Skyrim. Because once again, I am an adult.

Finally, a little sign that hides behind the door when it's open, and a cute little thing for the room where we spend most of our waking time - because let's be realistic, with us two being the lazy shits we are we never get out of bed unless we absolutely have to.

Hope you enjoyed my tour - it's not much but kind of an insight into the type of shit myself and Beca get up to all the time. Coming up next - Our goddamn cats.

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