Wednesday, 28 October 2015

O2 Academy Newcastle's 10th Birthday - #10yrs10bands10quid

On Wednesday 14th October the O2 Academy in Newcastle turned 10 and to celebrate there was a huge night with a 10 band bill of home grown talent, including two spots on the line up reserved for new and unsigned acts; Dalaro and Hazels. 

The academy was the venue that Craig and I both went to when we saw our first ever proper gigs so the opportunity to go along to the event and even the pre-show party was amazing. As a building the venue has been focused on entertainment since it's beginnings; raging from a cinema, a ballroom and a music venue that hosted even The Beatles and The Who in the sixties.

When we went along to the event with fellow blogger Laura of Look at My Clothes we were treated to some free drinks vouchers, food and an abundance of sweets with a chance to mingle before the bands started.

The band that kicked off the night in academy2 was Hazels, one of the new bands that won the chance to play at the show. We were happily surprised by these, they were somehow a cross between Maximo Park and The Kooks. They were easily a band that we could listen too again, they had enough bass to kill a small animal.

The next band up were Dalaro on the main stage. They were a bit of an unusual band, punchy drums with mellow guitars and synths.

We had quite a lot to say about Tessera Skies though the big thing was that they were not the music that either of us would listen too. They were slow, so slow they made Radiohead seem upbeat but on the upside that made them a lot easier to get photos of. At one point the lead singer said they were going to slow down a bit and I thought; "Surely if they get any slower time is going to start going in reverse...." Reiterating that they weren't the type of band we usually anticipate listening to, the best comparison we can make is that it's like music you'd expect hear backing a sad scene in a movie.

Back on the main stage were Shields; who had electro support and baselines that really wouldn't have looked out of place in the 80s. Craig spoke highly of them in the short set he saw of them before going off to see....

Street Party in Soho in academy2; they were some decent middle of the road blues rock, the sort of music you can see basically anyone enjoying. They were solid for a solid place in the line up.

Then came Du Blonde, the only band of the night with a female lead. Unfortunately we didn't catch much of their set but they seem edgy and 90s without being unrelateable. 

Craig only had a few words to say about Cape Club; "Like Bastille on morphine."

Remember even band members need to have a break

The final band that we got to see before we had to head off (work, getting in the way of things!) was Hyde & Beast. They were a great band and you could really tell how well performed they were. They were something like a 1920s prohibition band complete with trumpets and saxophones. It was the sort of music you'd really enjoy when you were drunk and dancing but not really remember all that much of them the next day, just plain enjoyable, the lead singers falsetto voice contrasting well to the strong bass guitar and drummer keeping almost military style rhythm - think Black Keys meets Arcade Fire.

After we left we missed out on seeing Kosoti and Little Comets as well as the official afterparty, which I bet rounded off an amazing night. We had a great night so thank you so much to the O2 Academy Newcastle for having us and for showcasing North East music for your 10th birthday, we'll be back soon trust us!

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