Thursday, 8 October 2015

Welcome Back to Nerdpit

"Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in again!"

Well shit guys, when I think Nerdpit is dead and buried we receive the news that we've been shortlisted for the North East Music Blog of the Year! Bearing in mind we've not posted in ages I feel like a bit of an explanation is in order. 

In short, myself and Beca now live together, we've got another kitten (bringing us up to three now), and I'm now a manager at Wetherspoons working about 50 hours a week, so after all that my spare time is thin on the ground. But now I think greater attention should be given back to my readers..........all 7 of you.

This is us. Bask in our loveliness. BASK IN IT!

But to anyone reading Nerdpit for the first time - Hi, I'm Craig, myself and my girlfriend Beca write for this pokey little site on our corner of the internet, we tend to write about nerdy shit we love, music we love, and things we love. It's a little bit of rock music, little bit comic-y, and a little bit of a lifestyle blog. Beca is more of a structured blogger, whereas I just tend to swear and rant with a post title keeping me grounded.

So catch up with all our music posts here! If you'd rather see them by section we've got a series ongoing called You Can't Kill the Metal, as well as the occasional album review or opinion piece! I went to Download Festival a few months ago and wrote about it here, so if there's anything to your fancy we've got you covered!  

My chins welcome you back to Nerdpit as well!

We need to go out of our way to thank the North East Blog Awards for shortlisting us in the final three, I'm as shocked as you all are but it's the shot in the arm we need to get our arses in gear and find the hour or so a week to write, not to win things, not to satisfy readers, but just to doing more things we enjoy - because in the 3 months we've lived together we've got a shitload to share with you.

And a final note to those reading who are disappointed not to make the shortlist. Keep writing. You will be the writers who keep the blogging community going, not me.  This flash-in-the-pan site will probably be down by the time the next awards come along due to me having the attention span of a pea. 

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