Thursday, 26 November 2015

GET HYPED! - Civil War

What's this? Nerdpit writing a post that's not a week late?! Say it aint so!

That's what Captain America does to you, folks. A movie I've been waiting on for 2 years, trying to grab hold of every crumb and morsel of information coming from it (Sorry about the food metaphors, it's 12:45 and I've still not ate yet) and had braced myself to waiting another month as the rumours were it was going to debut with the Star Wars movie - UNTIL! Jimmy Kimmel that beautiful Yank bastard debuts it in the midnight hours of Wednesday morning. I'll cut the bullshit now, here are the best bits to GET HYPED! 

The trailer opens where Ant Man's post-credit scene ended - with Steve and Sam (Falcon) investigating a trapped Winter Soldier, Bucky. As a complete virgin comic nerd I love this scene because all three men in it have been Captain America at some point (Woops, spoilers!)

Showing he has his memory back by recalling Steve's Mum and a mild foot fetish, Cap realises this isn't the Hydra psychopath from The Winter Soldier, but there's no time to gush, because an old villain from the last movie is coming for him, and he's probably a bit pissed off, since the last time he dealt with Captain America he had a building dropped on him....

Brock Rumlow, now in a suit calling himself Crossbones in the centre of the picture...
The main reason for the Superhero Civil War will be the Sokovia Accords - framework to register and re-locate superheroes to where the Government sees fit or where they're needed most. So kinda like keeping Cap in Washington because they need the symbol of liberty and freedom (Fuck yeah 'Merica) or sending Iron Man to Louisiana because they need intelligence, suits, and quite frankly, electricity.

"You rang?"
We're treat to a few badass shots of Falcon using his new suit, because if you remember back a few years Bucky literally ripped the wings off his old one. Brainwashed psychopaths these days have no respect for personal property....

If ever "Flight of the Valkyries" was appropriate to play....
 We get to see the sides that are chosen in the fight, with Buck, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye taking Caps side in the fight. Hawkeye with that "I'm the only human here, I'm gonna get my ass handed to me" look....

And Motherfucking Black Panther. Just look at this awesome bastard, he's getting an origin movie in 2018 so there's still quite a while to wait for him just yet! 

Going to another shot, probably linked to the trailers opening shot as Steve's wearing the same t shirt, but why am I noticing a detail like that when he's HOLDING A GODDAMN HELICOPTER!?

The Winter Soldier/Bucky seems to be the catalyst for the registration act, due to what he got up to while he was brainwashed. Black Panther chases him down a highway so I'm assuming he's not just wanting to have a nice cuppa, but rather ask him "Erm, so you did a fair few fucked up things back then Buck......wanna explain it?" As does Tony Stark, who is the pro-registration posterboy so naturally he wants to bring Bucky in.....Bucky has other ideas though....

And Cap does too, culminating in the heartbreaking exchange between them
"I'm sorry Tony, you know I wouldn't do this if I had any other choice. But he's my friend"
"So was I."

Source - a much better written article than this one
It's out May the 6th, and this is only the first trailer - there's a lot more to come over the next few months because believe it or not, the main villain in this movie hasn't even been shown with this...
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