Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Gig Review! - Evil Scarecrow

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Embrace the weirdness, you'll be better for it...

I absolutely love Evil Scarecrow - for anyone not knowing what they sound like - imagine a Heavy Metal version of The Mighty Boosh - the backing music seeming massively out of place for the ridiculous content of their songs; tonight containing a robotic gladiator, hiding a murder in space by throwing the victim down an inspection hatch, and of course - a crab/computer hardrive - but we'll get to that.

The night started off like every other night when you're broke as fuck but wanting a drink - Spoons. Heading to the bar I got to chatting to a few fellow metalheads, the conversation went as follows:

"You off to the Think Tank tonight?"
"Yeah, are you?"
"Yeah mate *Shows tickets* - I saw them at Download and absolutely loved them so needed to see them when up here"
"Ahh, d'you want them signed?"
"Yeah, we're Evil Scarecrow."

So aye, I met the band in Spoons, minus stage make-up, and didn't recognise them! Naturally I got my tickets signed and apologised for having a mini fan-boy moment to them before heading back to my table. The night was off to a good start!

We arrived a bit late, missing the first band, but were treat to a great new band we hadn't heard before - Guilt City - mixing influences of Five Finger Death Punch, Judas Priest, and an up-tempo Heavens Basement, they were an awesome surprise to discover, getting the audience drunk with extra cans of beer and promoting a shit load of interaction by bribery and sympathy (Giving away their new EP and asking the crowd for a circle pit during their last song) definitely worth seeing, and we're going to be seeing them again!

Onto Evil Scarecrow! opening with Rise and Frakingsteins Mirror before being cut off by malfunctioning keyboards the mood brought onto stage was as much about pleasing themselves as it was the crowd and it showed, every band member had a smile on their face as they played - and even when the keyboards cut out they kept the mood light - Brother Dmitri Pain telling jokes on stage as Doctor Hell (Yes that's their stage names, what of it) showed his technical knowledge by turning it off then on again, and turning the air blue with curses when that didn't work.

High fives all round once it started working again!
After finally getting sorted it was time for the night to begin - and what better way to do it than ballroom dancing........while covering your partner's eyes. Dance of the Cyclops turned the room full of metalheads into Shittily Come Dancing for 4 minutes out of the night and it was amazing.

Following the audience dancing we had Robotron, which as you can see below has its own unique dance - if you fancy doing it start counting 1. 2. 3. 4 in your head while drawing a square with both your arms outstretched like so....

Action shot, Kraven Mordeth's majestic hair flowing in the breeze

Afterwards I can't remember what they played, maybe I came on with a bout of Space Dementia (see what I did there) which involved zero gravity mosh pits, following with setting off party poppers once we heard the words "Kill Everyone" with War and Seek resulting in a club-wide marching line that definitely didn't just turn into a metalhead conga (Sorry guys, I call it how I see it).

Giving us a cheeky wink as they finished their set and walked off, they definitely gave no hints that they were coming back on stage to play their biggest song, which I shit you not, is an ode to a robotic crab; Crabulon.

There is no true way to describe what that song means so I'll leave this video for you to enjoy. It's absolutely amazing and if you can imagine an entire room doing scuttling left and right to the song you can gather an idea of how fun it was. I'd explain what a Crabulon is, and how it came to be - but the process is far too complex for the Human mind.

Evil Scarecrow were amazing, it's very rare that a band show their actual personalities on stage, every song had its own unique trait to make it memorable, combine it with a genre of music that we both love and it's bound to be a winning combination for anyone who values joy in their lives.

Heavy Metal guys, Heavy Metal....

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