Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Marvel vs DC - Battleground

Welcome to Battleground, Nerdpit's latest series that I'm sure you're all eager to get your eyes on! While Get Hyped! takes a little break until some new trailers come out I need to get my nerdy fix in some way, so this is going to be it!

Now, what is Battleground? Well I'm glad you asked... A while ago I noticed a number of similarities between the two big Comic publishers - Marvel and D.C. So over the course of this short series there will be comparisons made between their movies, their heroes, and even their Saturday morning cartoons!

For a small example, both their flagship heroes are the holier-than-thou superhuman, always doing the right thing

And backed up by mortal, billionaire playboy philanthropis-wait, that joke's already been used by one of them....

They've both got their own team of superhero's, both currently in the process of being embroiled at the centre of their own cinematic universes....


I'll even mention at some point, the fact that if Marvel didn't nearly go bankrupt, the Avengers movies we all know and love probably wouldn't exist! But that'll get covered too. 
That's the idea for Battleground - it'd be interesting to compare the two giants of comic publishing and their respective paths that have led them to Marvel dominating the big screen and Netflix (Jessica Jones, Daredevil), with D.C occupying most of the television channels with Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and Smallville. I look forward to writing it and hopefully you look forward to reading it! 

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